Thank you for becoming involved with the ongoing mystery of my sister, Ingrid Bauer’s disappearance on the day of August 16th 1972. The Age Enhanced forensic drawing that you submitted may assist in triggering someone’s recognition of her, given the remote possibility she is alive. Based on the appearance of Ingrid’s older sister and my mother, I feel that the drawing you developed is a remarkable age enhancement. The quality of the drawing is at the highest level of forensic art.

I found working with you and Carol Wilson on the television program (Mystery T. V.) that was aired to refocus attention on the mystery of my sister’s disappearance quite enjoyable. Your Professionalism assisted in focusing on the task at hand.

You are a very warm, friendly person as well, as a professional who opens up your own personality as well. You get the job done in a competent professional manner. The subject of my sister’s disappearance is a serious one; however, you turned it from heartache into a more bearable situation. There was an element of hope. If my sister didn’t exist after August 16th 1972, you helped bring out what she could have or would have looked like. Unfortunately, that is something that we really didn’t get to experience in reality.

I always look forward to hearing from you and I also look forward to future meetings with you because you became a friend!

Warmest personal regards,
Brent Bauer

Ms.Trepkov is a very talented and unique individual. By unique, I mean that she is compassionate, sincere and has a great deal of understanding, patience and empathy for those who suffer such tragedies. Her drawings and sketches are more realistic than computerized reenactments. 2-Dimensional Facial Reconstruction and 3-Dimensional Facial Reconstruction are her specialty. Her research and attention to detail is impeccable. I asked her to do an age progression drawing of Heather Teague, (23) missing since 1995 in the USA and Diana researched the entire case. The knowledge and insight Diana acquired on Heather’s case shows that she has the instincts to be a professional investigator, if in fact that was her goal. Certainly, I would not only recommend but encourage Law Enforcement from the USA and Canada to use Ms. Trepkov’s services as she is the best.

Gil Alba
Former First Grade Detective of the New York City Police Department
Alba Investigations Inc.

It is my pleasure to recommend Diana Trepkov as an artist.

Diana performed artistic duties for MSM-A Division of Magna Powertrain in 2007 in support of our annual fundraising activity for the Hospital for Sick Kids foundation. Specifically, Diana sculpted and managed the bronze manufacture of the “Helping Hands” sculpture that was awarded to the Sick Kids Hospital along with the donation check. The sculpted hands are extremely realistic and the detail was impeccable. A member of my staff saw the piece in my office and thought the hands were real!

Diana was able to deliver the piece, and several serialized copies, against an unusually compressed timeline. The success of the delivery underlines her commitment to her customers, her profession, and her artistic skill. She is a reliable, genuine and helpful artist and it was our pleasure working with her.

Alan Lindsay
General Manager
MSM- A Division of Magna Powertrain

The South Simcoe Police Service asked Diana Trepkov to complete a forensic drawing of a suspect attempting to abduct an eleven year old child in the area of a local school.

Ms. Trepkov was professional and courteous with our staff and the public she dealt with. She traveled from her residence in Ajax through a snow storm directly to the victim’s home. She was able to effectively obtain as much information from the child without breaching any disclosure or interviewing rules concerning “Witness Contamination” She completed the drawing and issued an original to our service that evening. This allowed our investigative team to release the composite immediately to the public. This in itself generated numerous tips that came in for several weeks.

Ms. Trepkov was recommended to us by York Regional Police. Her work and professionalism speaks for itself and we would recommend her expertise to other services. We would not hesitate in using her services again.

Allan Cheeseman
Deputy Chief of Police
South Simcoe Police Service

My daughter, Jessie Foster, has been missing since March 29, 2006. Jessie is an international endangered missing person and the victim of a human trafficking ring. We have tried everything possible to find Jessie, her story has been in books, on TV, in magazines & newspapers and all over the internet, but we have not found her. Diana knew we were not in a position to be able to hire someone to do an age enhancement photo of Jessie, but she also knew we needed one. Jessie went missing when she was just 21 and her 26th birthday is May 27. So she offered her service to us. I was so overcome with emotion that I burst into tears and cried happy tears . . . for a change and that is such a wonderful feeling. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what Diana has done for Jessie, her case and for us.

She did two pictures. She got them done much faster than I thought it would take and she did such a wonderful job. When I first looked at it, it was surreal, I thought, "Wow, this is what Jessie looks like now". It looked just like her, but a few years older. I cried again - it was so wonderful to see Jessie again. We ALL thought the pictures really did look like her. One of them is of Jessie as she would most likely look at age 26 and one of them was done to depict what she may look like as a human trafficking victim after 4 years. I was very pleased with them, but Diana was not. She wanted to redo the 2nd one to make her look a bit thinner, so she did a 3rd photo. We will be able to send it to the police and put it on our posters. I am so grateful to Diana for this wonderful gift, as she put it, "from one mother to another".

Diana is also including Jessie's age enhancement photos and some case information in her upcoming book. I have no way to ever thank her enough. This is something that I pray, hope and dream for. Any way I can get and keep Jessie's face, name and case out there I do. She is also writing about Jessie in the Blue Line magazine. I cannot believe how much Diana has done to help Jessie's case.


Jessie's mom, Glendene Grant

On behalf of the Educational planning committee, I would like to Thank You for presenting at this years 2009 FBI NNA Conference, held here in Hamilton Ontario. Your presentation to the audience not only showcased your incredible talents, but also exemplified your true heartfelt compassion to the victims and their families. I am encouraged to know that there are people like you out there in the world, giving a voice for those who can no longer speak for themselves.

Sgt. Paul J. Evans
Division 3- Crime Manager Sector 3
Hamilton Police Service

I met Diana Trepkov at a conference for missing persons in Wilmington, NC in March, 2008 where we were both speakers. Her presentation and the examples of her work were quite remarkable. However, what made the strongest impression of Diana on me was her empathy and intuition as she spoke to families of missing persons. This compassion goes a long way to explain her phenomenal success in being able to capture not only the physical likeness, but the soul of a person in her reconstructions and drawings.

Nola Theiss
Executive Director and Founder
Human Trafficking Awareness Partnerships, Inc.

I had the pleasure of meeting Diana Trepkov at the 2006 IAI Educational Conference. I find her to be enlightening, intelligent, articulate and she brings an enthusiasm to the field of forensic art that is refreshing. Her artistic talents are excellent and her compassion for her work is second to none. She is a true ambassador for the forensic art community, often donating her time and talents to help with an investigation.
I am honored to count her amongst my closest friends within the Forensic Art arena.

Steven L. Johnson CLPE, CFA, Member of the IAI Board of Directors
Past Chair of the IAI Forensic Art Certification Board


I would like to express my appreciation for the work you have done on Chicago Jane Doe.
I have seen so many drawings/sketches of Jane/John Doe and Age Enhancements etc...
However, your work has a special touch. I do not know how you do it but your drawings bring Jane Doe to life. It's not a cold drawing as some are...but a drawing that pulls the attention of people so they can help identify the unidentified person.
It's like the Unidentified Person saying, hey, look at me, this is what I looked like before I was killed, what's my name...
I noticed how you pay close attention to small details. You are good...you are darn good!!!
There's NO doubt in my mind that when we place an ad in the newspaper with your drawings of Jane Doe, somebody will call in to give us her name.
Please allow me to say...THANK YOU!!!!
May God continue blessing you and your family as you continue using your skills/talents
in doing the impossible...helping to identify people...

Dinorah Perry(Founder/Director)
Missing Children International Ministries

Diana Trepkov is one of the leading forensics artists in North America whose work has been of great assistance to police forces all over the continent. Her talent also transcends other media as she is a first-rate photographer, with a long string of professional credits to her name, and an artist as well. She is one of the most sincere and ‘genuine’ people I have ever met, and definitely one of the most creative. I would heartily recommend her photographic skills to any individual or organization with a need for original work. She brings an unbridled sense of enthusiasm to any task she tackles, and delivers in spades.

Jerry Amernic

Diana Trepkov is a talented, passionate Forensic Artist who serves as an advocate for those who "deserve to be identified". Her artistic skills at facial composites, age progressions and two/three dimensional facial reconstructions can only be described as exceptional. Diana Trepkov should be considered by law enforcement investigators everywhere when considering utilizing the services of a Forensic Artist!

Inspector R.E. Derus
Ontario Provincial Police

You are one of our Best Friends.
We very much enjoy being friends with you. We are very impressed with your great personality.
You are a very positive person, and your optimistic attitude always inspires us. We like to talk with you and spend time with you, because you help us to look forward.
You are passionate with people and you are always willing to offer your help.
You are a very hard working individual, and we are always amazed how well you’ve been managing your very tight schedule with your work and your life.
Diana, we are so proud of you, and we are looking forward to the next meeting with you.

Raymond Zhang & Sherry Xu

On the behalf of the CUE Center for Missing Persons, its board of directors and volunteers, I would like to thank you for your attending and being a guest speaker this past March of 2008.

Your presentation was very powerful and your professionalism was simply outstanding towards such a sensitive subject, recognizing all victims in attendance. We appreciate your shared knowledge and talents with the participants of our National Round Table Conference for Missing Persons, “Building Empowerment Together”.

On a personal note, it was great to spend time getting to now each other and your empathy for persons who have suffered a missing loved one past and present is to be commended. It is important that the victims of missing people and homicide are provided an opportunity to meet the behind the scenes - people who play a role in solving a case and identifying those that are recovered; many have shared with me with an appreciation. You provide a valuable resource to those desperate in their search for a lost loved one.

Again, thank you for traveling the thousands of miles to be with us in this very important and much needed event; we hope you can return, we look forward to seeing you again.

As we remain in search of the missing

Monica Caison
CUE Founder

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for the professional and heartfelt work you have transposed for my family. Your artistic talent with the age progression drawings of my brother, Phillip Koss, are so precise that if we were able to locate him today they would probably match. I have never seen such attention to detail, depth, and warmth to these drawings from anyone. Also, thank you for taking the time to be an advocate for our family in hopes of one day finding my brother. You have been so kind to my Mother and I as this is very painful for us. You have helped keep our faith that much stronger in hopes of one day being reunited with him again. As Phillip’s sister and now Mother of two boys, I so wish to share in the joy of my children with their Uncle Phillip.

Phillip is a very special and unique person full of life. I feel so much time has passed as it has now been thirteen years since he disappeared. Your unwavering work and perseverance in helping our family means more then you could ever imagine. Thank you for taking the time to treat Phillip’s case with such high priority as you have many others. You have such a positive, amazing influence on people’s lives every day. Please continue to help us in any way you can in hopes of one day finding Phillip.

Thank you again for your artistic talent, quality of work, diligence, and hard work in helping our family locate Phillip.

Amy Beese

Your sculpture is beautiful and truly represents the spirit of the work we do at SickKids.
Thank you for giving your time and talent to our cause.

Christine Cleland
SickKids Foundation
Toronto, Ontario

Your age progressed photo of my cousin, Nicole Louise Morin is absolutely fabulous.
It makes me happy to see what she would really look like now.
I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you.

Kristin Victoria Morin

Thank you so much for the incredible age progression to age 50 you created for my missing wife, Patricia Viola. My first reaction when I saw the first image was WOW and I got some chills, seeing what my Pat probably looks like right now. If you were here right now, I would give you a big hug. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You did such an amazing job of portraying Pat at her current age and I would recommend your work to anyone. I do appreciate all your extra effort with all the different versions and taking the time to get all the details correct. You are very talented and surely passionate about your work. It was nice of you to provide the larger, higher resolution images. These will come in handy if I decide to put them on a billboard.

Jim Viola

On behalf of the Los Angeles Police Department, I extend our congratulations for your voluntary participation in a practice courtroom expert witness testimony conducted by the Criminal Identification Section, Records and Identification Division. We thank you for your courage and spirit of support in helping make our presentation a success.

William J. Bratton
Chief of Police
Los Angeles Police Department

D'Anna Markley, Secior Management Analyst II
Acting Commanding Officer
Records and Identification Division
Los Angeles Police Department

I just wanted to inform you that one of our John Doe bodies was identified, and it was a case for which you had done a sketch.
It is number 99-1297.

A man came to our lobby and said that he was the case information on our unidentified website, which included your sketch. He said he was certain when seeing the case photos, sketch, and information that the person was his stepson, who disappeared when he was 15 years old in 1999. We obtained one childhood fingerprint that the mother still had from a youth fingerprinting program at his school. We had the fingerprint compared to the fingerprints from the body and make a positive match. The boy was identified. The family was very grateful to finally have some closure, even though it took eight years to achieve.

I just wanted you to know that we made identification on a case that you helped with, and our assistance in working on so many of our cases has been very appreciated.

Suzi Dodt, Investigator
Maricopa County Medical Examiner
Phoenix, AZ United States of America

My uncle was Robert Plunkett, a police officer for York Region who died Aug 2nd, 2007. I was taken back when I viewed the picture you had drawn for Sonya and the kids. And then to read that you had done the drawing, I was taken back even further. Our entire family was very appreciative and impressed with your work. The picture will be cherished forever by our family. Your drawing sat on an easel throughout both visitations and the private family funeral. If you are ever near the Orangeville area, please stop by the station and say hello! Thank you again.

Detective Constable Scott Lobb
Orangeville Police Service

Diana’s professionalism and her unbridled love and passion for forensic art are combined with an effusive enthusiasm and optimism. Her warm personality and capacity to empathize with others account for her ability to relate so well at all levels with members of the police community and of police regulatory agencies.

Carroll Robinson, MBA
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

I want to give a special thanks Diana Trepkov, Forensic Artist, who has just completed the " Age Progression " picture of Heather Teague, I first N.L.L.I. Cold Case. Again, thank you Diana, for you excellent work. It is obvious your heart is in each project for the families and their missing love one. Heather's mother has seen your composite and is very pleased and grateful, for you and the Cold Case Teams help. You do know your work is a gift from God!

Tom Loos Sr

I want to thank you for the tremendous portrait of Martin Luther King and President Obama. When I first suggested the idea for a portrait of Dr. King, I had no idea that you would take it and create such an incredible piece of art. Your vision of “Two Men- One Vision” was inspired. This is something that will remain a prized possession in my family for years to come. Thank you so much. I salute your talent and dedication to your art!

Joe Couto
Director of Government Relations and Communication
Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police

I don’t know if you remember me at all but I met you last year at the Cue Center conference in March. I was the one who was kidnapped in the 1960s and am searching for my family. When I met you last year I was so impressed by your heart that you have for people who have passed on or are missing! I was really glad to have met you and seen a more compassionate side to some of this stuff! I hope that your year has been great and maybe I will see you again in NC!

Marie Murphy

I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to help our family. The age progression picture you created help get attention to Melinda Harders case. Her remains have been positively identified thru DNA testing. Thank you for the efforts in helping loved ones in the missing. I am still in shock over my mother’s case. You are wonderful at what you do. Thank you…keep up the great work!!

Nikki Harder


I’m Frances Webb, mother of Darlene Webb who has been missing for 26 years (Jan. 23, 1983). She was 20 yrs. Old at that time of her disappearance. She had gone out that Friday night with some friends and left about 11:30 p.m. to come home and we never saw her again. Her car was found the next day right where she had parked it on Friday night.

Looking for her has been very difficult at the time adults missing were not handled by the police at any great rate of speed. Today they do act more quickly but Darlene’s case being so old, I feel she is swept under the mate so to say. I was able once to get the police artist to draw a picture and it was good but that was in 1993.

I was told of a Forensic Artist by the name of Diana Trepkov by a gentleman whose wife has been missing and he was very pleased with Diana’s work. I got in touch with her and she said she would do an age progression for me. I received the drawing on Saturday and I cried. Diana’s drawing was so real as to what Darlene would look like today at 47 years old. My family was overwhelmed also to say the least. For the first time in 26 years we could see what Darlene might look like today, no words could ever say what that meant.

I’m praying that this new drawing by Diana Trepkov will help me generate new interest in Darlene being missing and new information of her where abouts.Forensic Artist Diana Trepkov is a truly superior artist and I, Darlene’s sister and her brother will never be able to thank her enough.

Frances Webb

I remember when I first contacted you, not sure if I would get a reply back or not. My heart skipped a beat when I saw your email and couldn’t open it fast enough. I read your response holding my breath hoping you would say it was possible to age my daughters’ Picture.
It had been a few years that I had been thinking of this but didn’t know who to approach. One day while watching the 12:00 news on TV I saw a clip of you and the work that you do in forensic cases. I quickly wrote down your name and googled it and it gave website to which I found your email address and decided to take a chance.

Your quick response made me feel happy and I felt positive that this was the right thing to do. At our first meeting it only took me a few minutes to feel at ease and share my daughter’s story with you. You gathered all the information you needed and I left – a little nervous and anxious. Several weeks later when you contacted me to tell me that the picture was ready I could hardly contain myself. On my way to work I stopped in to see and pick up the final product. I held my breath as you unveiled her and she was beautiful. My little baby with the help of an angel turned into a beautiful young lady right in front of me. I hung Paulina’s picture outside my bedroom on the wall in the hallway and I look at her everyday and think of her very differently…I must say I really feel at peace…I now feel like I can to her and she can talk to me. I know some people don’t agree with what I have done and that’s okay…this is not for everyone, for me however-it has had a healing effect.

Diana, thank you so much for your gift. I hope God continues to show his power through you and you continue your wonderful work.

Anna Moreino
Paulina’s mom

Diana Trepkov uses her forensic art techniques to bring life to the faces of those that died without their identity. Her skilled drawings allow agencies to use her reconstructions in a public forum in order to help generate leads that can ultimately restore the name to the decedent. Diana’s dedication and perseverance allows these victims to be returned to their families and laid to rest. Without her reconstruction s to put a face on the John and Jane Do cases, families of missing victims are left in limbo with unanswered questions. She has found a use for her artistic talent that has a lasting benefit to so many victims an their families.

Suzi Dodt, Investigator
Maricopa County Medical Examiner
Phoenix, AZ United States of America


I asked Diana Trepkov to complete a forensic drawing of a suspect caught on a surveillance camera. The suspect was disguised with glasses and she was able to reproduce the suspect in order for identification to be made.
Diana is considered by the forensic community as one of the best forensic artist’s in Canada. Her excellent work speaks for itself. I highly recommend Diana and intend to use her again.

Detective Sergeant David Juck
Forensic Identification
York Regional Police, CANADA


My name is Suzanne. I have a sister who went missing on July 6th, 1983 from Cocoa Beech, Florida USA. Her name is Tammy Lynn Leppert and she was only 18 years old. Tammy has never been found. My mother has since past away. She never knew what happened to Tammy and she never stopped searching. I have been looking for many years at different pictures and sketches of Unidentified Jane Does for possible matches of my sister. Sadly, a lot of them do not look like the victim. I do not mean to be disrespectful to anyone. If I am, I am sorry. I would like to say that a Forensic Artist by the name of Diana Trepkov's work is the best I have ever seen. Her sketches and age progressions does look very much like the victim. I was very impressed with her work. I would very much like to highly recommend her. Diana Trepkov is a very sweet woman.

Tammy's sister,
Florida USA


Rogers Television’s GTA’s Most Wanted continues to fight crime and bring justice to the victims of our local region. We would like to thank you for the recent completion of our 19th episode that was dedicated entirely to the Nicole Morin missing child case. Your involvement in the show contributed to its success. It has been 22 years since Nicole’s disappearance, and by including the age enhanced drawing in our show we can only hope that it will provide us with new leads and clues to Nicole’s case.
Thank you for helping keep Nicole Morin’s story alive.

The GTA’s Most Wanted Team
Rogers Television, CANADA


You seemed to have captured Phillips’s features very well especially the eyes. Yet, you have never wavered in your hope of finding Phillip alive and I thank you for that. I feel that you are sincere in your efforts and you have become part of my family! Thank you for all of your excellent drawings of Phillip. 

Louise A. Morgan and family
Sarasota, FL, USA


Thank you for the sketch on the Arizona case I am working on. You did a great job and truly brought her to life once again! It means so much when you help with a case like this! It shows the love you have for your work and other in the detail you give to each sketch. Once again, thank you very much for the sketch you have given to Attempt to Identify, we hope this will help bring a close to a very cold case.

Sylvar Deskins
Attempt to Identify
San Francisco, USA


Her dedication and her unique skills are necessary to assist in the effort of identifying John and Jane Doe individuals. Two recent cases come to mind that speak to the repertoire of Diana’s skills and attention to detail. Diana used a Superimposition method to compare the skull from the photograph. This saved valuable time in ruling out this potential match. Diana did an age progression on a missing man. As a result of Diana’s efforts, there is truly hope that this man may be recognized.

Libba Phillips
Director and Founder
Outpost for Hope, USA


It was obvious to the teachers and students who observed Diana Trepkov that she not only has an amazing talent for art, but she also has a real passion for what she does. 

Dorinda White
Lakeside Public School, CANADA


Thank you for taking the time and talking to our class about the intense, not to mention important work you do. I am truly honoured to know you and I would love to have you back next year. Thanks again for being you and for brightening my day!

Kathleen Tilly-Ellis
Lakeside Public School, CANADA


To say that I found her accommodating and co-operative would be an understatement. She demonstrated flexibility in adjusting her schedule as well as attending at our police sevice headquarters all so as to minimize any inconvenience and added stress to the victim. Ms. Trepkov arrived very well prepared and well versed in the circumstances of the offence. She very quickly established a friendly rapport with the victim and made her feel at ease throughout the process. She is clearly an extremely passionate, professional and thorough person who was keenly aware of the victim's state of mind and sensitive to her needs. Based on my exposure to Ms. Trepkov, I would not hestite to direct investigators to call on her services again should the need ever arise. She certainly enhanced the quality and thoroughness of our investigation.

Wayne Davis
Orangeville Police Service, CANADA


I am a faculty member who has taught in the Law and Security and Police Foundations programs at Mohawk college of Applied Arts and Technology for nineteen years. Diana was invited to attend our special event week as a guest speaker. Diana, a forensic artist, spoke to our students about her area of expertise. Her presentation held the students' interest throughout and was very informative. Diana covered a wide range of information that was new material for each of the three sessions of students that she addressed. She captivated the audience with case studies, displays, photographs and her PowerPoint presentation. She dispelled a lot of the myths that the students see on the C.S.I television shows and movies. Her presentations generated a great deal of interest and conversation amongst the students. The faculty at the college appreciated the time that Diana spent by adding such a unique dimension to our special event week.

Jan Olson, Professor
Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
Ontario, CANADA

My Dearest Diana,

There are no words to express my gratitude for this precious and priceless gift that you so artistically created.  Your talent, ingenious and inspiration has filled a void in my heart that for a lifetime, I had been searching for.

At the age of two, I was faced with the tragic loss of my father.  I can only imagine, now at this young age of 50 that at the time, I had no concept, no memories, no thoughts nor emotion of what had happened.  What I do know is that the energy and traumatic time that my mother experienced somehow was imbedded into my spirit. 

Growing older without a dad was paralyzing.  At the age of 5 or 6, I become the “man of the house”.  I remember having responsibilities to help my mother and two sisters that no child should ever endure.  I grew up too fast and yearned to know what my fathers touch and voice would feel like.  As I grew older and eventually had my first born son, I imagined more than ever, what my father would look like watching over me as I held his grandson.

Although extremely grateful that I have my mother who is my angel and whom I am enormously blessed and indebted to, a void of missing my father has always held a heavy heart for me.  Until, I met you.

I remember our first meeting.  Your gracious, heartwarming, passionate attitude for what you do inspired me.  I had heard incredible things about you and had seen your work which I thought was extraordinary.  As I reminisced through your testimonials I felt a scene of peace and hope reading how your creativity, sensibility and artistic ability have changed the lives of families around the world.   

As I was celebrating my 50th birthday with my family and friends, I saw you walk in and my heart skipped a beat.  My eyes filled with water and my heart with pure emotion as I had no idea that you were going to be there.  As you presented an age progression of what my father would look like today, on my 50th, was a gift so rare and so precious, an absolute miracle.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reuniting me with my father. 

I had no idea what to expect as I never had the opportunity to see or remember what my dad looked like other than that one photograph.  When you unveiled the portrait, I new in my heart that, that was exactly what he would look like today.  My mother and relatives are so grateful as they see such a resemblance and you have given so many of us a gift of remembrance and camaraderie, uniting us as a family once again.  

Sometimes we meet people in our lives who etch a special place in our heart.  May God continue to bless you and allow you to continue to be creative, to facilitate and heal all the people whom you touch, just as you have helped me in healing my heart.  Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. 

With abundant gratitude,
Aleem Khan and family.

Diana P. Trepkov Forensic Identification Services - 314 Harwood Ave, South - P.O. Box 21064 - RPO Harwood Place - Ajax Ontario L1S 7H2 - Canada - Tel: 647 522 9660 - e-mail: dianatrepkov@rogers.com