Ms.Trepkov is a very talented and unique individual. By unique, I mean that she is compassionate, sincere and has a great deal of understanding, patience and empathy for those who suffer such tragedies. Her drawings and sketches are more realistic than computerized reenactments. 2-Dimensional Facial Reconstruction and 3-Dimensional Facial Reconstruction are her specialty. Her research and attention to detail is impeccable. I asked her to do an age progression drawing of Heather Teague, (23) missing since 1995 in the USA and Diana researched the entire case. The knowledge and insight Diana acquired on Heather’s case shows that she has the instincts to be a professional investigator, if in fact that was her goal. Certainly, I would not only recommend but encourage Law Enforcement from the USA and Canada to use Ms. Trepkov’s services as she is the best.

Gil Alba
Former First Grade Detective of the New York City Police Department
Alba Investigations Inc.

Diana performed artistic duties for MSM-A Division of Magna Powertrain in 2007 in support of our annual fundraising activity for the Hospital for Sick Kids foundation. Specifically, Diana sculpted and managed the bronze manufacture of the “Helping Hands” sculpture that was awarded to the Sick Kids Hospital along with the donation check. The sculpted hands are extremely realistic and the detail was impeccable. A member of my staff saw the piece in my office and thought the hands were real! Diana was able to deliver the piece, and several serialized copies, against an unusually compressed timeline. The success of the delivery underlines her commitment to her customers, her profession, and her artistic skill. She is a reliable, genuine and helpful artist and it was our pleasure working with her.

Alan Lindsay
General Manager
MSM- A Division of Magna Powertrain

Ms. Trepkov was professional and courteous with our staff and the public she dealt with. She traveled from her residence in Ajax through a snow storm directly to the victim’s home. She was able to effectively obtain as much information from the child without breaching any disclosure or interviewing rules concerning “Witness Contamination” She completed the drawing and issued an original to our service that evening. This allowed our investigative team to release the composite immediately to the public. This in itself generated numerous tips that came in for several weeks.

Allan Cheeseman
Deputy Chief of Police
South Simcoe Police Service


Diana P. Trepkov Forensic Identification Services - 314 Harwood Ave, South - P.O. Box 21064 - RPO Harwood Place - Ajax Ontario L1S 7H2 - Canada - Tel: 647 522 9660 - e-mail: dianatrepkov@rogers.com