Missing From: Atlanta GA, Date Missing: 11/06/78
Date of Birth:11/01/78 Age: 6 days old
Sex: Male Weight: 7lbs 11 ounces
Weight: Build: Newborn baby
Eyes: Dark brown Complexion: light skin
Hair: Black hair
Race: African American
Clothing: Blue Sleeper with Green and white hospital blanket

ABDUCTOR'S PICTURE BY THE NAME: Lisa Morris (not real name)
Missing From: Atlanta GA on 11/06/78
Age: Approximately 24 years old
Sex: Female Height: approx. 5Ft and 6 Inches
Weight: approx 160 -170 Build: Medium
Eyes: Dark Complexion: Brown Skin
Hair: Covered up(hidden)with red bandana
Race: African American
Clothing: Dark leather jacket, Red Bandana She had a VERY NOTICABLE scar on the right side of her face, and most likely a mole on the left

Age Progression to 56 years - Lisa Morris (Abductor of Raymond Green)

Raymond was abducted from his home by an unknown black female on November 6, 1978. The abductor was last seen getting into a brown vehicle. She is described as being 5'06, medium build, and she may have a mole on her left cheek and a scar on her right side of the face. The abductor may go by the name Lisa. Please do not use the Polly Klaas Foundation’s phone number on your flyer.
more info : http://news14.com/coastal-news-110-content/top_stories/623576/forensic-artist-gives-new-hope-to-1978-missing-child-case



Diane Prevost at young age

Age Progression of Diane Prevost
to 45 years old (Feb 2009)



Diane Prevost has been missing for over 4 decades.
If anyone has any information regarding Diane Prevost please contact the family or myself. www.dianeprevost.info and mail@dianeprevost.info or dianatrepkov@rogers.com

Identifying Features

SCARS: Diane had stitches on one foot. She has an indent on the opposite knee where a hot iron touched her skin. AGE: She would be in her mid forties today

What Happened

It was Saturday, September 17, 1966 at a Grundy Provincial Park camp site, where a family with four children and their grand-parents were camping. The father, Bernard, 25, his father, Adolias and Claude, 4, enjoyed fishing at the dock. The mother, Claire, and Therese, the grand-mother, would usually go to water´s edge and watch Joanne, 5, and Lise, 3, play in the water. The youngest child, Diane 2, was afraid of the water and she wouldn´t go near the lake. The family would go camping at Grundy on a regular basis. They went almost every weekend.

On this Saturday in September, Bernard and Claire decided to bring the four kids to the beach while Bernard fished on the dock. Adolias and Therese decided to take a nap while the rest of the family was down at the beach. Bernard was on the dock fishing. Claire, Joanne, Claude and Lise were looking for frogs on the shore and Diane was playing in the sand. Diane wanted to return to the campsite to be with her memere and pepere. Bernard said he would bring her back as soon as he got the line untangled. He turned around a few minutes later and Diane was no longer playing in the sand. Thinking that she had returned to the trailer, which was parked 500 ft away, Claire ran back to the trailer. Claire returned in a panic because Diane was not at the campsite. Bernard, Adolias, Claire and Therese started looking for her. They looked for about one hour thinking that she had just wandered off. They then decided to call the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) when they couldn´t find her.

The parents were scared that they wouldn´t find their baby before dark. Bernard wanted the police to call the USA and Canadian borders to advise them of his missing daughter but the police said they would find her in the park. The park was officially closed but people could still camp. The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) would come by at night to collect the camping fees. The gates to the park were left open. The police started looking, but to no avail. Night fall arrived and Bernard told the police to close the gate of the park so that no cars could go in or out of the park during the night. The police would not agree. They didn´t want to close the gates. Both Bernard and Claire were devastated that their little girl was not found before night fall. How hopeless they felt. How could a two year old baby survive the night in the woods at night? All through the night the father and grand-father drove around the park looking for her. They yelled and shouted Diane´s name but they didn´t find her. They just wouldn´t give up looking for her.

The next day the O.P.P. brought in divers to search the lake. The father kept telling them to search the park, Diane was afraid of the water and would not go near it. Still Diane was not found. The police dragged the lake and no body was found. The news was out that a child was missing in Grundy Provincial Park. This was the first missing child case in Sudbury district. It attracted a lot of media attention. People from Sudbury, Noelville, Britt and Parry Sound came to help with the search party. The Prevost family was well known in the town of Noelville where they were born and raised. Bernard and Claire lived in Blezard Valley and Bernard worked at Inco as a miner.

The police kept the search party at Grundy Park for four weeks. They didn´t find Diane. Bernard and Claire would not give up. They wouldn´t give up hope of finding their daughter.

Two years later bones were found in an outdoor toilet at Grundy Provincial Park. The media covered the story claiming it was Diane Prevost that was found. Forensic testing revealed that it was bones from a dog and not a human.

To this day the family has not given up hope that one day their daughter will come home to them.



Melinda Harder Age Progressed
to 48 years old

Nikki and I at Melinda’s Funeral
in St. Petersburg, Florida USA


Missing, Murdered; 28 years later IDENTIFIED

Picture yourself sitting at home, wondering as each year passes by, where is mommy? Why did she never come back home? Is she still alive or did she die and go to heaven?

Melinda Harder disappeared near her home on 23rd Avenue North in St. Petersburg while walking to her boyfriend’s house. Twenty Eight years later, her remains have been identified and now this case remains a homicide. Nikki Harder and family can finally have some closure to why her mom didn’t come back home in 1980. And it wasn’t because mommy didn’t want to. Melinda Harder couldn’t come back home to her three children because she was murdered and buried in Maximo Park. Unfortunately, it would take almost three decades before the family finds this out.

It was 1989 when the Skeleton remains were found in a shallow grave, wrapped within a shredded carpet in Maximo Park, St. Petersburg Florida. A facial reconstruction was competed in 1989 but unfortunately the race was misdiagnosed. An anthropologist usually determines the race of skeleton remains; forwarding the information to a forensic artist. The process of identifying Melinda Harder would be delayed. Approximately 19 years delayed. Not sure why the race of the skeleton remains was misdiagnosed to an African American instead of a Caucasian? At this point it is only logical to move forward.Having said that, the jaw line did remain accurate and that was a key point in the identification of Melinda Harder.

In 2007, Monica Caison President of Cue Center for missing persons based in North Carolina had asked me to complete an age progression of Melinda Harder who went missing back in 1980. I had age progressed her to 48 years old, which would be her current age if Melinda Harder was still alive in 2007.

A missing person’s poster of Melinda Harder was produced using the age progression photo I created. Monica Caison and the family of Melinda harder distributed this poster in various places; including a little Gas Station in St. Petersburg.

Here is an important twist to this story! In 2007, Brenda Stevenson, a civilian homicide investigator with the St. Petersburg police department; who works with cold cases passed by a gas station and noticed a community board and saw a Missing Persons flyer for a vigil of Melinda Harder. She couldn’t help but notice the Jaw line and had a hunch that Melinda Harder was the unidentified Jane Doe from 1989. Brenda Stevenson contacted the FBI lab and submitted DNA from Harder’s family. One year later the results have came in and a positive match was confirmed. Melinda Harder has now been identified.

If it wasn’t for Monica Caison (who was recently on Larry King Live) who made this case current, my forensic art age progression, the sharp eye investigator spotting the poster passing by a Gas Station, the original facial reconstruction and last but not least the DNA results from the FBI…these remains would have not been identified. Police believe someone abducted and murdered Melinda Harder and then dumped her body 28 years ago.

I have since became very close this Nikki, the daughter of Melinda Harder. I had flown down south to Florida for the funeral of Melinda Harder on January 31st, 2009. I brought a sentimental gift for Joan, who is Melinda’s mother and that is the original age progression drawing that I did of her daughter Melinda.

I was grateful to meet the family and see that they did receive some closure by having their loved one returned to them after all these years. You see, it is the not knowing factor that really destroys the human spirit. Even though the truth will hurt immensely, the victims’ family does deserve to know it. The funeral service was beautiful and very well put together. Melinda Harder would be so proud.

Unfortunately, no one has been charged with the murder of Melinda Harder. I am staying optimistic that one day the person that is responsible will be apprehended. St. Petersburg police are asking that anyone with information on Harder's death to call them at (727) 893-7780 or the confidential tip line at (727) 892-5000


Age Progression of Nicole Louise Morin
to 30 Years Old


Nicole Louise Morin has been missing from her Toronto apartment building since July 30th, 1985. It was 11:00 am when Nicole said goodbye to her mom and left the apartment wearing her bathing suit. Nicole was on her way to go meet a friend who was waiting for her in the downstairs lobby. She never arrived.

female white, 8 years, 130cm-4'3" light brown hair, brown eyes.
born April 1, 1977

Nicole Morin went missing in 1985. 2007 marks the year of her 30th birthday and today, her disappearance remains unsolved. GTA's Most Wanted re-examines the case that gripped the city for more than two decades.
Aired on: GTA'S Most Wanted-Rogers Cable 10 Brampton on May 29th, 2007.


Age Progression of Ingrid Bauer
to 48 1/2 Years Old


Ingrid Bauer has been missing from her home in Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada, since August 16th, 1972 at 12:00 p.m. at which time she left to hitch-hike to a friend's home a short distance away. She was last seen hitch-hiking on islington avenue at Pennon Rd, Kleinburg.

female white, 14 1/2 years, mature for her age, 5'6", 100 lbs. medium build, light complexion, long straight blonde hair, brown eyes.


Age Progression of Tammy Leppert:
32 - 42 years of age



Tammy Lynn Leppert



Date of Birth:


From City/State:

Cocoa Beach, FL



Age at time of disappearance:







64 inches


105 lbs

Hair Color:


Eye Color:




Investigative Agency:

Cocoa Beach Police Department


(321) 868-3251



Clothing: Blue flower shirt with flower appliqués on the shoulders, blue denim skirt, flip-flop style sandals, carrying a gray purse

Circumstances of disappearance: Unknown.  Tammy was last seen in the vicinity of state rd. A1A between 2nd St. N. and 3rd St. N. in Cocoa Beach, Florida

If you believe you have any information regarding this case that will be helpful in this investigation please contact: Cocoa Beach Police Department at (321) 868-3251
Investigative Case# 21292
NCIC# M-104282291



The Age Progression drawing of Darlene Ann
was completed on September 23rd, 2009. I had
age progressed her to 46 ½ years old. I sent the drawing to Fran. The age progression is ready for
the newspapers and the Television news. We can
only hope for the best, and that is to get some
answers by keeping this case current and as fresh
as we can in the peoples minds.


Fran Webb is Darlene Ann’s mom, and she has never forgotten or stopped hoping to one day finds her daughter alive. Fran is now 71 years old and her nightmare began when she was in her mid forties. It was at 1:30 a.m. on January 22, 1983 when Darlene Ann Webb left a Daytona Beach, Florida nightclub called The Beachcomber. As her friends parted with her, Darlene said she was going to her own car, a Chevrolet Chevette parked a block away. She didn’t want to stay out too late, because she had to work early the next morning. Unfortunately, Darlene never arrived home that day. Her vehicle was located later in the day on Greenview and Sea breeze Avenues where she originally parked the night before. Darlene’s purse, driver’s license, wallet, money, eyeglasses and other personal belonging were inside the vehicle; only her keys were missing. There were no signs of any struggle in or near the car. Darlene was never seen or heard from again.

Darlene’s family believe that Darlene may have memory loss as the result of her presumed abduction and may not recall her identify. She is a graduate of Seabreeze High School and was also employed as the assistant manager of Chick-fil-A restaurant in 1983. She also took classes at Daytona Beach Community College, and was active in her Baptist church and sang in the choir.

Darlene lived with her mom and brother at the time of her disappearance, her parents were separated and since her father has passed away never knowing what happened to his daughter. Darlene Ann Webb’s social security number and birth certificate has never been used since her disappearance back January 22nd, 1983. It is almost 27 years since her disappearance and this case still remains UNSOLVED.

I received an email from Fran Webb, Darlene’s mom on Thursday July 16th, 2009 at 4:43 pm. She asked for my help and because of her situation I decided to give her this gift. My heart opened up to her immediately and I drew the age progression of Darlene Ann Webb for her mom as a Christmas Gift. This is the note I received from Fran:

Diana, with tears in my eyes I thank you so very much. I will get some pictures together today and e-mail them to you.I can never thank you enough; it’s a Christmas gift that I will never forget. Love Fran

Later that day I received a long distance phone call from Fran, I could hear the sincerity and tears from her voice; I definitely know I did the right thing in helping her with her daughters’ case. What a wonderful lady, we talked for approximately 30 minutes. She already feels like a dear friend.


Patricia Viola age progressed to 50 yrs



Phillip at young age

Phillip in1994



Age Progression to 52 years of age







 5’ 10 


 200 lbs


 Brown could be all gray



Identifying Marks: Robert has a 5” high “Jiminy Cricket” tattoo on his left upper arm. 
One of his front teeth is missing and was replaced with a plate with tooth attached.           

Last Seen:  12/14/03 in Fayetteville, NC on the court house steps.
He has paranoid schizophrenia and he was off his medication when last seen,
he is also a sober alcoholic.

Anyone having information regarding Robert Hiney - Please contact:
Local Case # 2004-16009
NCIC# M87448752
Diana P. Trepkov Forensic Identification Services - 314 Harwood Ave, South - P.O. Box 21064 - RPO Harwood Place - Ajax Ontario L1S 7H2 - Canada - Tel: 647 522 9660 - e-mail: dianatrepkov@rogers.com