JESSIE FOSTER, missing 6 years (since March 29, 2006)


March 26, 2012
JESSIE FOSTER, missing 6 years (since March 29, 2006) - NEW AGE ENHANCEMENT DRAWING RELEASED


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I would like to announce the release of an age enhancement drawing of Jessie (attached), to the approximate age of 28 years old, by Canadian Certified Forensic Artist, Diana P. Trepkov. Diana also did others drawings of Jessie 2 years ago when she was missing 4 years and almost 25 years old. Diana and Glendene were on CTV’s Canada AM to announce the release of those drawings. (Website:

Jessie Foster disappeared from North Las Vegas on March 29, 2006 after being taken there from Canada in the spring of 2005, ending up in Las Vegas on May 13, 2005. She was kept in Las Vegas for 10 months, during which she was beaten, hospitalized with a broken jaw, forced to work at an escort service and arrested for solicitation of prostitution.

Jessie is known by all who know her, as a good girl, a good person, and certainly not one to go to another country and work in the illegal sex-trade. Jessie was forced into that life after she was taken away from the security of her family and friends and beaten and brainwashed to do as she was told.

Jessie is Canada’s most well-known missing human trafficking victim and she has become a ‘poster-child’ for this crime nationally and internationally. People around the world pray for Jessie’s return, at the same time they are very grateful to have learned about this horrific crime that took this beautiful daughter, sister, friend away.

Jessie’s mother does anything and everything she can to raise awareness about her daughter’s disappearance with the hopes that she is found (alive or not, Jessie needs to come home). Hosting a BlogTalkRadio show about the missing & exploited and human trafficking (, giving very important human trafficking awareness presentations around the country at high schools, colleges and universities and for other organizations that are fighting to combat human trafficking - including being invited by the City of Moncton, New Brunswick to speak at their REALITY vs MYTH human trafficking conference next month. The keynote speaker for that event is Victor Malarek, from CTV’s W5 and the author of the anti-human trafficking books: THE NATASHA and THE JOHNS. (Link to event:

Jessie’s case has been written about in at least 8 books; told about in documentaries; and it has been in hundreds of newspaper & magazine articles; radio interviews and TV news broadcasts.

Jessie had a song written for her by songwriter Nigel Graham from the United Kingdom called “Jessie’s Song” and available on iTunes and Amazon for just 99¢ to download. Nigel’s songs have been written about in the news several times, and Jessie’s case has been in the London, England newspaper twice. (Sunderland Echo, London, England articles: & / iTunes: / Amazon:

In May to coincide with International Missing Children’s Day on the 25th (and coincidentally, Jessie’s 28th birthday on the 27th) there will be a video called “Project Missing Sweet Angel” released by Australian singer/songwriter/musician Lee Safar (whose music can be heard on the soundtrack of the Twilight movie series) to go with her song called “Sweet Angel”, which will have 25 posters of missing people, including Jessie. THIS WILL BE RELEASED INTERNATIONALLY. (Website: / Listen here:

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Diana P. Trepkov Forensic Identification Services - 314 Harwood Ave, South - P.O. Box 21064 - RPO Harwood Place - Ajax Ontario L1S 7H2 - Canada - Tel: 647 522 9660 - e-mail: