Durham Regional Police MISSING PERSON/Unidentified Person

Striped Shirt

Gold Ring

Omni Digital Watch
with Stainless Steel Strap


Two Dimensional Facial Reconstruction prepared for the Durham Regional Police Homicide Unit
Frontal  and lateral 2 Dimensional Facial Reconstruction of unknown deceased female drawn
by Forensic Artist Diana Trepkov.

In October 2006, the remains of a deceased female were located in a field near the South Service Road and Holt Road in the Municipality of Clarington. The deceased had a well healed nasal fracture. The fracture is set, so she either received treatment or it is possibly the result
of rhinoplasty. The deceased had nice teeth with visible white fillings on her front teeth and smaller silver fillings in some back teeth.

Located with the remains was a ladies Omni digital watch with a stainless steel strap.
The watch was sold through Consumers Distributing in the early 1980’s. A striped shirt and
a ladies gold ring were also located.

 Please look closely at the image. Could this be a family member or friend you have not seen or spoken with in numerous years? If there is a possibility you may know this female, please contact the Durham Regional Police Homicide Unit. All information will be investigated

Any persons with information please contact Detective Chuck Nash at 905-579-1520
 Ext. 5402.  You can also provide anonymous information through www.opp.isb.resolve@ontario.ca or www.facebook.com/helpidentifyme


Homicide Detective Chuck Nash, Beverly Thomson(Host for Canada AM) and Diana Trepkov(Forensic Artist)
Canada AM Live on March 7th, 2011 
Discussing Project Vigilant Case

Diana joined our Investigative Team providing a two-dimensional reconstruction and renewed energy in our efforts to establish the identity of a young female whose remains were discovered in a field in Clarington Ontario, Canada in 2006. Diana’s passion for identifying the faceless, voiceless and assisting their grieving loved ones is evident in her tireless effort and sheer determination at perfecting her forensic art.  Diana is a valued member of our team who is an absolute pleasure to work with and above all else a friend for which, we are grateful.    

Detective Chuck Nash
Durham Regional Police Service

Diana P. Trepkov Forensic Identification Services - 314 Harwood Ave, South - P.O. Box 21064 - RPO Harwood Place - Ajax Ontario L1S 7H2 - Canada - Tel: 647 522 9660 - e-mail: dianatrepkov@rogers.com